Home School Connection

Parents are teachers too! Here are some strategies you can use at home to make the most of the important educational influence you have.

Encourage Reading

  •  Get the whole family involved in reading books aloud to each other.
  •  Be a reading role model. Have lots of reading materials around the house.
  •  Go to the library often.
  •  Read in unusual places: under a tree, on the floor, in a tent, etc.

Help Children Study for Tests

  •  Make up test questions he/she would ask if he/she were the teacher.
  •  Try to answer his/her questions to see what he/she needs to study.
  •  Review notes, handouts, textbooks, and learning objectives.
  •  Relate things he/she needs to learn to things he/she already knows.
  •  Memorize facts and formulas. Make a memorizing game.
  •  Get a good night’s sleep before a test.


Teach Problem Solving Skills

  •  Decide what the problem is. Summarize it in a few words.
  •  Generate several possible solutions. “What can you do to solve this problem?”
  •  Evaluate the solutions. List positive and negative effects of each and decide which one is best.
  •  Develop a plan to make the solution work! Help your child consider what should be done first, second, third, etc.
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