General Music Overview


Kindergarten students will be learning new songs this year.  Students will learn how to express themselves musically through singing, moving, and playing classroom instruments.  In Kindergarten music, the focus this year will be to develop a singing voice by matching specific pitches, as well as learning to keep a steady beat alone and with the class.

 First Grade:

First Grade students will continue to learn new songs this year.  They will be working towards a class sing-a-long.  They will also use classroom instruments to learn simple rhythms.  First grade music will focus on more complex melodies and rhythms. 

 Second Grade:

Second Grade students will be learning more complex rhythms.  Second grade music will prepare students to begin reading music.  They will learn musical symbols and form.  Students in Second Grade music will continue to use movement in class.

 Third Grade:

Third Grade students will be learning how to read notes on the musical staff.  They will be preparing to play recorder in January.  This will begin the Recorder Karate program.  Students will earn a belt (ribbon) for every song they perform correctly.  This will require students to match notes, count, read and understand musical form, as well as use the proper fingerings and techniques. 

Fourth Grade:

Fourth Grade students are continuing on recorder.  They will perform a demo for the third grade classes in January.  This will conclude their recorder practice in class.  Students will then focus on form, complex rhythms and melody.  Fourth grade students are offered Chorus as well.  This is by parental permission only.  We will begin in January and rehearse in school on Wednesdays.  

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