Arrival and Dismissal Information




To ensure safety of all students arrival and dismissal times
To provide students with a full school day
To give parents the opportunity to get children to and from school in an expedient manner

Arrival at the Primary Building

If you are dropping off a student at the primary building, please follow these procedures:
These students must enter the building via the main entrance.
There is a single lane only, for student drop off.
There is no lane for getting out of the car or to park in the front of the building. It will be blocked off with cones.
If you need to get out of your car to assist your child, you may park along the circle after passing the building entrance or on Swezey Lane and walk onto the school grounds.
In the single lane, cars must pull up all the way past the crosswalk. Students must exit out of the right-hand side of the car onto the sidewalk. Parents are asked not to get out Teachers on duty will assist the students who may struggle.
As soon as the car in front of you begins to exit, please follow immediately. Do not wait to watch your child cross the sidewalk and enter the building.

Arrival at the Intermediate Building

All 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students who are driven to school must be dropped off at the designated turn-around at the north side of the school grounds. No cars will be permitted to park or enter the parking area during AM drop-off. Please follow the entrance and turn-around arrows near the north parking lot.

Dismissal will take place at 3:25 p.m. for all students.

Parents who would like to have their child picked up regularly must complete the attached form. Every day pick-ups (hereafter referred to as “Walkers”) will be dismissed daily, unless parents notify school as to exceptions. Following an initial signature verification, these parents will not need to sign their children out. They will wait outside of the building for the children to be dismissed. All other students will be placed on their assigned buses.

For early dismissal, parents are requested to pick up children by 3:00 p.m.; any other dismissals will need to wait until 3:25 p.m.

There will be no movement of cars in the bus parking lot
until after all students are dismissed from the building.

Parents picking up first grade “walkers” from the Primary building entrance, must park around the circle; no cars will be permitted to park up on the building level; anyone there must remain until after all students have been dismissed.

Parents picking up Kindergarten students will wait in bus slot #23, rather than on the walkways

Parents picking up grades 2-4 students designated as “walkers” will park in the North lot and wait behind the mini buses at bus slot #1 end of the lot.

Kindergarten and1st grade “walkers” who have a sibling in grades 2-4, will meet their siblings at bus slot #23.

Students in grades 2-4 who have siblings in grades K or 1 will be escorted to bus slot #23 by their classroom teachers.

*** If for any reason a parent is unable to abide by these guidelines, he/she should park his/her car outside of the grounds before coming in to pick up a student.

I have read the dismissal procedures for West Middle Island School. I understand that

my son/daughter _____________________ in class ______________ will not ride the

school bus and will be considered a “walker”. He/she will be dismissed each day

by 3:25 p.m.. unless I notify the school in writing of an exception.

___________________ ___________________________ Date Parent/Guardian Signature

• Sign this form only if your child will not ride the school bus and will be picked up regularly.

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